Gratis mp3: The story of Nothing To Hide

Yay, ik ga jullie weer even met wat eigen werk vervelen, in het kader van de serie “The Story Of:”

See those eyes are watching us, the spooks are all ears.

Legitimized by greed and wars, creating reasons for fears.
Dictators get our full support,unless they claim their shares.
And suddenly we’ll hear we’re “under attack”,
and send our soldiers over there.

They hate our freedoms! We’ve come to bring democracy! Don’t you know they want to nuke us? We should bomb them to death, to restore “human rights

Nothing to hide?

you’ll give away your fingerprints, and show all you do online

Secrets are no secrets no more, do you really think that’s fine?

Nothing to hide?

Your life is ours

Your mail is ours

Your pictures are ours

Get back to work

Pay our banks

Nothing to hide?

Your fear is our freedom

De tekst spreekt voor zich, lijkt me.

Trivia: Het nummer is gemaakt op Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex, met ZynnAddSubFX, Audacity, QJackCtl en Hydrogen als gebruikte software.

Leuk? Trakteer me op een slokje bier, of anders piraat je gewoon de onderstaande gratis mp3 of zo. *Meldpunt Tim Kuik bellend* 😉


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