In 2021, all tracks from 2007-2020 have been remastered and re-released. Check them out on Bandcamp, or stream/download @ digital music stores.

Slow Hammer, Deadly Dance EP (2022)

Spin Doctor (Vinyl Only compilation LP) (March 2021)

The Old Adventures Of Johnito (2021)

Bootlickers Of Capital (2020)

Live at Imagine Multi Culti (2019)

We Will Rise Up – Demo EP (2019)

Sta Even Stil EP (2018)

Projekto Ribelo (2017)

Earth 1.9 (2009)

Total Collapse (2007)



Other projects

Artists For People Planet Peace (2016) – Various Artists

In support of 2016 US Presidential Candidate Jill Stein and her running mate Ajamu Baraka.

Stop The Rain – The Collaborators (2015)

Protestsong in solidarity with the people of Greece, against the troika austerity regime.

Music: Michiel Papenhove & Petra de Winter
Lyrics: Petra de Winter
Vocals & Rap : Petra de Winter
Backing vocals: KH & Petra de Winter
Guitars & programming: Michiel Papenhove
Second guitar: Marcel van Ling
Lyrics advice: KH, Richard Underscore, Catself, Gerrit Vennema
Children’s choir : Gudrun Blok, Storm Blok, Demian Blok, KH , Agnieszka Holm, Catself, Petra de Winter
Male choir: Michiel Papenhove, Christer Holm, Johan Jongerius, Vili Ross, Johnito, Marcel van Ling
Recorded & sound engineered by Michiel Papenhove
Vocals recorded by Marcel van Ling, Mosound Studio
Produced by Michiel Papenhove, Marcel van Ling & Petra de Winter
Artwork: KH
Video editing : Petra de Winter
Greek translation / Greek subtitles : Ed Maenhout.

Portuguese subtitles : Auditoria Cicada da Divida

Write us at : thecollaborators3@gmail.com

Soundcloudlink : http://www.soundcloud.com/collaborators


Take action:

4Snowden – Resistance Is Vital (2013)

Music, lyrics and video: Johnito

The 4Snowden Campaign is a freedom rights music campaign that advocates for the protection of Edward Snowden and whistleblowers, journalists, bloggers freedom artists, activists worldwide.


Artists For Freedom – Be Free (2013)

Musical statement against trafficking and ‘modern’ slavery. Released on Music4Freedom-label

‘I Am Here’ and ‘Summer Jammed’ were part of this project. Collaboration with Harry Loco and Iwanjka.

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