Onder de naam Johnito maak ik een mix van spoken word en electronische pop, met voornamelijk maatschappijkritische teksten, al ontbreekt ook het gevoelsleven niet. Ondanks de vaak serieuze onderwerpen, streef ik er vaak naar om het publiek mee te laten doen. De nummers produceer ik zoveel mogelijk met behulp van open source software. Gehoorde opmerkingen na optredens: “verrassend”, “verfrissend”, “Coil-ish” , “inspiring”, “free spirited”en “jij lijkt geïnspireerd door Incubus en Massive Attack.”

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Dit tarief geldt wanneer mijn mobiele PA-installatie mee moet. Note: this excludes travel expenses and accomodation, outside of The Netherlands.


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Signal/Whatsapp: +316-40290036

Video:Dailymotion and Vimeo

Audio: Bandcamp and you can also look me up on Spotify, Deezer and iTunes.

New album release, including re-recorded songs and two new tracks, expected in 2017.

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More about me:

Homerecording artist and  lead singer of Propeller (The Hague).

In short:

Some local music lovers might remember him as the frontman of progressive rockband Propeller from The Hague. For therapeutic reasons, he decided to write and record his own songs, mainly using linux and open source software. On stage Johnito is armed with a mic, a laptop, softsynths, sequencers, samplers, a midi-keyboard and his voice. His style can best be described as a mix of spoken word and alternative electronic protest pop

In 2012, two of his tracks (‘Summer Jammed’ and ‘I Am Here’) made it into Den Haag FM’s annual list of the best 100 songs recorded in The Hague. Most recent release is ‘The Offer (Part 1)‘ (January 2017).

In 2015 he was also part of the male choir in ‘Stop The Rain’ by The Collaborators, a collaboration between Petra de Winter (Chabliz) and Michiel Papenhove (Michette, ex-Within Temptation.) The song is dedicated to the people of Greece, who are forced to live under extreme austerity by the EU and IMF.

“Cool stuff! I really like the experimental vibe and freedom of genre!” – Response by Oscillator, a crewmember of libremusicproduction.com, a website dedicated to open source, gnu/linux and libre music production tools. Johnito was featured on this website in Spring 2017

On the 1st of May 2017, Johnito was the opening act at the ‘Festival of Protestsongs’ in The Hague.

During the following months, he will work on new material for his upcoming album ‘Projekto Ribelo 2’, to be premiered at several gigs in the fall, like at De Blije Markt (The Happy Market) in Braamt, The Netherlands.


1988-present: host/presenter/co-organizer at a variety of public and cultural events, concerts, local festivals, manifestations. Organizations involved include local branches of Amnesty International, the Dutch Socialist Party and independent leftist activist groups. Currently not affiliated to, or member of a political party.

1988-1993: alternative club DJ at cultural center Het Kasteel, Alphen aan den Rijn

1993-1996: dressman, theatrical actor in two editions of the ‘ZigZag Fashion Show’, cultural center De Boerderij, Zoetermeer

1997-2009: alternative club DJ at Lokaal Vredebreuk, The Hague

1998: several supporting roles in the musical ‘De Dader Heeft Het Gedaan’ by theatre group Waanzin, Zoetermeer

1988-present: social/human rights/civil rights activist at, a.o., SP (NL), Artists4Freedom, 4Snowden, and several ad hoc coalitions

1999-2008: Vocalist and one of the founding members of Propeller. We recorded four official demo-albums: Elastic City (2000); Down2Earth (2001), KoCo (2003) and Live @ Pop-In (2005). Over the years we have played more than a hundred gigs throughout The Netherlands, including one at Dam Square in Amsterdam, in front of a 25000 people audience.

1999-2000: assistent at Theaterwerkplaats Eskalibur, The Hague.

2002-present: Blogger at johnito.nl

2007-present: Solo-artist, composer, singer, producer of alternative electronic pop, often with politically charged lyrics. I prefer to use linux and open source technology;  Two of my tracks made it to the best 100 songs ever recorded in The Hague, with a little help from (social media) friends and family of course. Most recent release  is ‘Arrived‘ (September 2014).

In 2015 I was also part of the male choir in ‘Stop The Rain’ by The Collaborators. The song is dedicated to the people of Greece who are forced to live under extreme austerity by the EU and IMF.

2012: extra in motion picture “Bellicher:Cel” as a Polish immigrant worker

2015: extra in Dutch VPRO tv series ‘De Fractie‘ (S3 Episodes “Dit Land Is Het Zat” , as a far right extremist, and as a radio reporter during a press conference in “Grenzen stellen“; both episodes first aired on public television in August 2016).

2018: extra in music video “Society Over The Top” by Tino van Leeuwen


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