>Rampzalige Eurotop

>Ik las zojuist dit:


I thought disasters were all meant to happen over the weekend?

Mijn commentaar:

One mistake in this brilliant analysis: Felix Salmon thinks Europe is “still” a democracy. Well I’m sorry, Felix. Europe is *not* a democracy, and, in its current version, it never will be, it was never meant to be one. The EU as it is,was based on a powerful neoliberal lobby of multinational corporations (European Round Table of Industrialists), and, quite logically, now has become a playhouse for international banksters like Goldman Sachs, and Central Banks that operate beyond any democratic control. Profits are being privatized, losses are nationalized. Through cuts and austerity the ordinary people are being forced to pay for this rotten, parasitic and corrupted system. I wouldn’t call that democracy. I’d call it an unprovoked unilateral war against all European peoples.Specifically against the 99% of them. That means you, too.

And for the Dutchies reading this: Het eerste nieuwsbericht n.a.v. het bereikte Euro-akkoord luidde ongeveer zo: “VVD, CDA en PVV bereiden minstens 5 miljard extra bezuinigingen voor.

Wie denk je dat dat gaat betalen? Ha, nee, niet de profiteurs van villa-subsidies.

Er wordt (voor de zoveelste keer sinds het Verdrag van Maastricht overigens) wéér gesproken over extra bezuinigen op de zorg, sociale zekerheid etc.

Nog illusies over?