Doodseskaders en fascisme, toen en nu – leeslijst

Ik dump hieronder maar gewoon een paar linkjes, aangezien ik geen zin meer heb om steeds weer hetzelfde verhaal te bloggen. Zie het maar als handige leeslijst om na het journaal te lezen. Kan van pas komen in een tijd waarin “complottheorieën” met steeds grotere stappen worden ingehaald door de realiteit.

Lapdogs, redux: How the press tried to discredit Seymour Hersh’s bombshell reporting on CIA domestic spying – Mark Ames

Why the rise of fascism is again the issue – John Pilger

Pentagon report predicted West’s support for Islamist rebels would create ISIS
Anti-ISIS coalition knowingly sponsored violent extremists to ‘isolate’ Assad, rollback ‘Shia expansion’ – Nafeez Ahmed

Newly-Declassified U.S. Government Documents: The West Supported the Creation of ISIS

West’s death squad strategy: How and why ISIS & Al-Qaeda became ‘shock troops’ of global powers – Dan Glazebrook

You be the judge – Robert Parry

Corporate Media Doublethink and the Bush-PNAC-9/11-Iraq Connection (I don’t endorse all of Prof. James F.T. Tracy’s views on several topics, but this article is an excellent exception)

EU Dropped Pesticide Laws Due To US Pressure Over TTIP

Bremer Order 81 – Iraq’s new patent law: a declaration of war against farmers

What they’re not telling you about Monsanto’s role in Ukraine

Who are the Libyan Freedom Fighters and their Patrons – Peter Dale Scott

The Salvador Option for Syria – Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Selectie_338Had die ouwe Lenin toch gelijk.

Huishoudelijke mededeling: Ik ga me na deze blogpost vooral op nieuwe nummers storten. Kan nooit zo’n puinhoop worden als de onderwerpen die hierboven worden besproken…

Terror scare in Europe: Power Of Nightmares 2.0

Selectie_238Also see/Relevante links:

Terreurdebat Tweede Kamer/Dutch Parliament

Charlie Hebdo massacre abused for attacking civil liberties

Flashback: The French Front National is still an extreme right-wing party

How to Beat Terrorism: Stop Making the Same 7 Mistakes – Een eind aan terrorisme in 7 stappen.

Hoe je nog meer potentiële doelwitten voor terroristen creëert: Antwerpen zet leger in

Power of Nightmares 2.0: So explain to me again how the West trains and arms ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels, of which many already have converted to Al Nusra and IS, while Ukrainian and Novorossyian anti-fascist activists and rebels are labeled ‘pro-Russian separatists’ and ‘terrorists?’ Is it a coincidence that far right neocons in the US still have influence on the American foreign policies, while their European counterparts now are calling to deploy the military in order to fight terrorism (by former IS and Al Qaeda/Al Nusra ‘rebels’) on European soil?

Right Sector claimed responsibility for deadly bus attack, before they found out the victims were civilians; media silent.

3,000 FSA Fighters Defect to ISIS in the Qalamoun Mountains

War by media and the triumph of propaganda – John Pilger (Nederlands vertaald)

Leger op straat dient ander doel dan veiligheid 

Obama’s True Foreign-Policy ‘Weakness’ – Robert Parry on Obama, neocons and foreign policy

Wilders is de meest succesvolle ‘neocon’

Wilders wil ook inzet leger

Ik kan het niet, maar doe het toch. Voorspellen. Update 9 januari 2015

Bin Laden and CIA (originally published by MSNBC)

Obama’s ‘Moderate’ Syrian Rebels Are Nowhere to Be Found

Peter Dale Scott on Libyan ‘Freedom Fighters’

The Power Of Nightmares

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