Sta Even Stil EP (2018)

1: Sta Even Stil

2: Arrived (Live At StudioGonz)



Basically a re-release of ‘Earth 1.9’ with a few new tracks added



Artists For People Planet Peace (2016) – Various Artists

In support of 2016 US Presidential Candidate Jill Stein and her running mate Ajamu Baraka.


Stop The Rain – The Collaborators (2015)

Protestsong in solidarity with the people of Greece, against the troika austerity regime.

Music: Michiel Papenhove & Petra de Winter
Lyrics: Petra de Winter
Vocals & Rap : Petra de Winter
Backing vocals: KH & Petra de Winter
Guitars & programming: Michiel Papenhove
Second guitar: Marcel van Ling
Lyrics advice: KH, Richard Underscore, Catself, Gerrit Vennema
Children’s choir : Gudrun Blok, Storm Blok, Demian Blok, KH , Agnieszka Holm, Catself, Petra de Winter
Male choir: Michiel Papenhove, Christer Holm, Johan Jongerius, Vili Ross, Johnito, Marcel van Ling
Recorded & sound engineered by Michiel Papenhove
Vocals recorded by Marcel van Ling, Mosound Studio
Produced by Michiel Papenhove, Marcel van Ling & Petra de Winter
Artwork: KH
Video editing : Petra de Winter
Greek translation / Greek subtitles : Ed Maenhout.

Portuguese subtitles : Auditoria Cicada da Divida

Write us at : thecollaborators3@gmail.com

Soundcloudlink : http://www.soundcloud.com/collaborators


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4Snowden – Resistance Is Vital (2013)

Music, lyrics and video: Johnito

The 4Snowden Campaign is a freedom rights music campaign that advocates for the protection of Edward Snowden and whistleblowers, journalists, bloggers freedom artists, activists worldwide.


Artists For Freedom – Be Free (2013)

Musical statement against trafficking and ‘modern’ slavery. Released on Music4Freedom-label

‘I Am Here’ and ‘Summer Jammed’ were part of this project. Collaboration with Harry Loco and Iwanjka.

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Earth 1.9 (2009)

Basically a re-release of Total Collapse, with 4 newer and older recordings added.

Released on lulu.com (not available anymore due to the fact lulu dropped its self-publishing service for musicians

Total Collapse (2007)

4 track demo CD

Released on lulu.com


Propeller Discography